Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Has he been fooling around with Nancy?

Sven Goran Eriksson has announced the squad for England's final warm up game prior to the announcement of his World Cup Squad, and there are no Newcastle players in it.

Now with Owen and Dyer injured there was only ever going to be one player in Newcastle who stood a chance, and who no doubt feels absolutely gutted by his omission:

Scott Parker.

Our outstanding player of the season by a country mile, Parker is the player best equipped to play the midfield holding role that Sven likes as an alternative to his usual 4-4-2 formation. Why he persists in thinking that Ledley King can do a job Parker is much better suited to is beyond me.

As a mark of how farcical the squad is, step forward Michael Carrick and Jermaine Jenas. Now don't get me wrong, Spurs have enjoyed an excellent season, and both Carrick and JJ have played their part in that, but how many of us would swap Parker for either of those players? He's better in the tackle, and rarely plays a loose pass, and his commitment can't be questioned. (Despite their respective birthplaces, I'd still stick with Scott over Geordie boy Carrick).

It's a tired cliche to ask which you'd like next to you in the trenches, but put another way, which of the three do you think would try and tackle a bull if it meant the difference between winning and losing a game of football?

Can't see young Jermaine fancying that one, can you?

I'm sure that Scott will take this latest rejection from Sven and use it to spur himself on, safe in the knowledge that whilst this tournament might now be beyond him, the next is only two years away, and England will have a new manager in charge by then.

In the mean time, if he continues to grow as a player for Newcastle, then so much the better - Sven's loss should continue to be our gain (and at least he can't get himself injured playing for England).


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