Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A new leaf?

Not so much no more Mr Nice Guy, as Mr Nice Guy for the first time methinks...

From Toon fan Mosher's blog:

"Kieron Dyer has had some shitty press the last few years (yob, bling-merchant, uncontrollable, driving Porsches into bridges and the like), but I heard a very different tale last week. Now, whether this nice stuff is never reported, whether he's turned over a new leaf or whether this was a one-off I don't know. What I can say is that it is utterly true.

Some work colleagues of a friend of mine took their son to a Japanese restaurant in Newcastle as a celebration a couple of weeks ago. He'd passed all 10 GCSEs with good grades. During the meal, Kieron Dyer and some friends came in and sat down to eat. One of the ladies with the kids approached him after a while and very politely asked if he would be kind enough to say something to the lads at the dinner table if he had the time.

Kieron couldn't have been nicer. After his meal, he spent a good 30 minutes with the kid and his friends. He posed for photos, answered questions, joked with them - the ideal ambassador. After a final shake of hands, he and his friends departed.

The two ladies then started arguing over the bill (which was about £60). Who'd had what, how to split it and so forth. They finally sorted the argument out, only to find that Dyer had paid for it on his way out.

Now... how come stories like that never make it into the papers?

Only too happy to redress the balance by publicising this wholesome tale and showing that there's a genuine caring side to some of our playing staff. And, to think, I could have sworn I read on here recently that Newcastle players are in general terrible role models and despicable human beings...

Actually, thinking about it, £60 is 0.075% of the Little Waster's weekly wage. Generosity's easy when you're creaming in over £4m a year, eh? Still, I suppose he didn't have to make the gesture.


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