Thursday, August 18, 2005

A mug's game?

We're all idiots. You, me, Paul, Danny, Dean, Dom, Pete, Inspector Sands, Swiss Toni, Lord Bargain and Flash...

Well, at least, that is, according to this Guardian feature.

And why? Because our passion for football induces us to abandon all reason and rationality, and allows ruthless clubs and leeches to make a fortune out of our gullibility.

All very well (if rather patronisingly) put, Mr Ingle, and it's certainly true that we're routinely ripped off and taken advantage of - but rationality has never had anything whatsoever to do with being a football fan. Who in their right mind would fulfil the stereotype of sort of lower-league fan you seem to idealise, travelling the length of the country to watch their team capitulate to a 5-0 defeat in the midst of a rainstorm?

Unfortunate as it is, as a genuine football supporter you check your brain in at the door whenever the beautiful game's concerned.


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