Wednesday, August 03, 2005

More new faces

The summer months are traditionally a time when clubs welcome a host of new faces - and, it seems, football blogs are no different.

Only days after A Matter Of Life And Death and Footballist were added to the B&W&RAO blogroll, Kopblog, Mist Rolling In From The Trent... and Bitter And Blue appear on the radar.

To be fair, Kopblog has been going for a while but somehow seems to have evaded our attention. Here's what Andy had to say on the possibility of Michael Owen landing up on Tyneside: "Michael would have no problems getting minutes on the pitch with the barcodes and the prospect of working under Graeme Souness wouldn’t be unattractive either… but Newcastle have been seriously sliding over the last 12 months and the lack of Champions' League football is a big no-no". A perfectly fair assessment, I think - aside from the bit about Souness, of course...

The two of us having lived in Nottingham for a combined total of eleven years, Forest blog Mist Rolling In From The Trent... is of particular interest. For what it's worth, Dom, Ian Breckin and Gary Holt look to be very good signings, and hanging onto Kris Commons could be the key to a quick return to the Championship.

Bitter And Blue is also new and well worth a read - as long as you overlook the strapline ("The blog for comment, opinion, views, news and tears on the only club that matter - Manchester City") and comments like this about the recent Joey Barton incident: "The club have acted well over this episode and it does send out a strong message to the players as a group that they will not tolerate these sort of incidents - after all we're not Newcastle United are we?"... You can't really argue with a post that begins "One way to ease the alleged £60 million debts at City is to keep hoping Joey Barton lands himself in hot water and continues to make generous donations to the MCFC fighting fund", can you?

Self-deprecating fans - that's what we like around these parts. Hubris? Let's leave that to others.


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