Sunday, July 31, 2005

Moore - but not enough

Right, it's that old good news / bad news combo again...

The good news: at last, an incoming defender!

The bad news: it's Craig Moore, signed by Borussia Moenchengladbach in January and then sacked after allegedly turning up for training in a "dishevelled" state (term courtesy of Kevin Keegan, as applied to Richard Dunne). Moore, of course, disputes all this.

Moore strikes me as being the new Ronnie Johnsen - a player long admired by Souness and available on a free but probably past his not-particularly-stunning best and only a short-term solution at best.

To quote on the deal: "He has been given the number 18 shirt vacated by another international captain, Aaron Hughes - something which draws attention to the fact that we have effectively swapped a 25-year-old home internationalist for someone who is four years older and plays his international football for a team on another continent. (Next two Australian fixtures? Versus the Solomon Islands, home and away.) No fee was announced by United for the Hughes deal, but various media sources reported that Aston Villa paid £1,000,000 for him. Are we that hard up?".

As ever, logic is in short supply.


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