Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Well, another goalless draw in the space of a week prompted a small sigh of relief and a larger sigh of resignation.

Relief that we are now mathematically safe, and are now guaranteed Premiership football next season, and resignation that what promised to be a glorious season (before we kicked off at the Riverside back in August) has ended in such a dismal whimper.

The game? Well, we attacked well in the first half, but currently lack players who could score in Ibiza let alone on the pitch, and as has been the case so often this season we were rubbish after half time.

That we scored two goals, through Taylor when the referee wasn't ready and Kluivert when the linesman thought he was offside, can't mask the fact that we couldn’t even beat a team who were in the third tier of the football pyramid a couple of seasons ago.

At present, we're rubbish. The locals are restless and thoroughly disheartened with the whole sorry lot of them, and the season can't end soon enough.

I would try and write more in terms of a report, but as the only good thing to come from the game was the removal of any lingering chance we might get relegated, I can't really be bothered.

The game was poor, the team was poor, the fans were mostly too bored to show any great enthusiasm, and come the summer it's going to take a massive amount of skill to either motivate the slack buggers we've got, or convince someone else to take them off our hands. However, that's nothing to the amount of skill and cunning required to convince players with dreams of achieving something to come here and replace them.

If I was Shay, I'd already be looking at property in North London and Manchester, and to be honest, you couldn't blame him if he was, particularly as our hopes of playing any form of European football next season appear to rest on Boro finishing ahead of Spurs in the league.

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