Monday, April 04, 2005


According to the BBC, Newcastle have fined Lee Bowyer 6 weeks wages, which is reported to be approximately £250,000, and have also appealed against Kieron Dyer’s sending off.

Souness has stated that the two have shaken hands and "spoken over the weekend and have had a laugh about it".

Now, I'm all for fining Bowyer, and also think we're right to appeal Dyer's sending off – if only because in my eyes he was acting in self defence.

I'm also pleased they've shaken hands and are trying to move on.

But they've "had a laugh about it"?!?

Which bit is funny?

The part where we lose one if not two of our better performing midfielders for crucial games at the end of the season?

The part where our chances of finally winning something have been greatly reduced?

The part where we become tabloid fodder again for all the wrong reasons?

The part where we show kids that it's OK to hit someone?

If anyone can shed light on the funny part, I'll be delighted to hear from them. Until then, Messrs Bowyer and Dyer should shut the fuck up and make sure that we win the UEFA Cup – the one competition where they aren't suspended from playing in. Only then will we have something to smile about.


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