Friday, April 01, 2005

Same old Shearer, now he's staying!

According to reports, the club have confirmed that Alan Shearer has agreed to spend one more year running down the clock in the corner of St James' Park, and carrying his teammates to heights they could only otherwise dream about.

On a personal note, it's great to hear that the finest striker of his generation is going to carry on for another season, and with it should firmly break Jackie Milburn's record.

The only word of caution is that I really hope Shearer has another year in his legs.

This season he's looked in top form, and really given his all for the club. However at times last season he looked like he was dead on his feet, and it's to be hoped that the fitness team at the club can keep him in good condition next season.

Too often players refuse to bow out at the top, believing they have "one more year" in their legs when it's obvious to everyone else that they don't (witness Les Ferdinand at Reading this season as an example).

However, given the fact that we're likely to lose Bellamy and probably Kluivert in the summer, only needing to find two strikers over the summer must seem like a real bonus to Souness.

Shearer is irreplaceable, but if we find someone who might be able to do the job, they can spend next year learning from the master rather than simply being burdened by his memory.


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