Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Yellow peril

Brownie points to Skif of Hobo Tread for making a 26 hour round trip from Liverpool to lend his support - vocal and financial - to a Fans United day at Cambridge Utd.

In return for his generosity he was rewarded with the opportunity to soak up the fans' applause with a stroll around the perimeter of the pitch.

I went along to Meadow Lane a year and a half ago when it looked like our fellow Magpies Notts County might be about to go under, and it's good to see that there was at least one person in Newcastle colours at the Abbey Stadium too, proving that Fat Fred wasn't speaking for all or even most Toon fans when he claimed the club doesn't care about lower league and grassroots football.

It's a horrific perversity that the problems facing the likes of Cambridge and Wrexham - problems which threaten the very survival of the clubs concerned - are continually overshadowed by Jose Mourinho's latest outburst or the most recent morsel of groundless speculation over Steven Gerrard's future.


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