Wednesday, March 09, 2005

"Well written and very balanced if lacking a certain punch"

Not our words, but those of Ian Plenderleith in the review afforded us in the current issue of When Saturday Comes. It's fair comment. Not unequivocally positive, but as a relatively young blog - we've only been going since the end of August - it's just pleasing to get some wider recognition.

The article itself is hardly comprehensive but does review several football blogs, giving B&W&RAO favourites All Quiet In The East Stand a deservedly favourable write-up.

Unfortunately for Pete, to whom we're extremely grateful for recommending to Ian that he pay us a visit, Round & White comes in for a bit of stick. Full credit to Pete, though, for responding to the unjustified criticisms (I wasn't aware there were any unwritten rules of football weblogging, for a start) with restraint and dignity.

If you have a spare couple of quid, though, and want to read WSC's verdicts on all the football blogs visited, as well as the usual assortment of football related articles, then go and seek it out. It's even got Newcastle on the cover, presumably in tribute to us.

As one of those missed out of the WSC round-up, we'd like to take the opportunity to once again endorse Hobo Tread, fast becoming my favourite football-centred read. Not wholly dedicated to the beautiful game, but serial groundhopper Skif's football posts are so much more than just match reports - witness this account of a trip to Blackpool at the weekend.

And, to wrap up, another three fine reads, the first two discovered via Britblog and the last via Round & White:
Sparkster (Leeds Utd)
A Wee Spot In Europe (Northern Ireland)
Whistling In The Wind ("A True and Accurate Account of English Park Football Refereeing")

Update: Thanks to ChevBlue of Portman Road Blog for alerting us to a link to a scanned version of the WSC article.

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