Monday, March 07, 2005

Unfair cop

Championship side Wigan, hopeful of securing a place in the Premiership for next season, are currently embroiled in a row over policing costs with the Greater Manchester Police.

Clubs have to pay for policing at their home games, and there is an enormous and unexplained disparity between the amounts that Wigan have been charged and those asked of their near-neighbours. For example, for their game at the JJB Stadium with Leeds, they were charged £44,000, whereas Preston were charged a mere £7,700.

If Wigan refuse to pay the £300,000 the GMP claim they owe in unpaid costs, then their safety certificate will be withdrawn and they'll be forced to play crucial games in the season's run-in behind closed doors.

It's an issue of relevance to fans of all persuasions, so please take the time to sign this petition. You can also contact the petition's creator, Paul Farrington, at


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