Wednesday, March 02, 2005


I see the Spanish FA have really stuck the boot into racist coach Luis Aragones.

Fining him a whole day's pay is really going to show him that racism is a blight on society and as no place in today’s game.

Obviously, it's not going to really ram home the message in the way that a proper fine would have done.

Essentially it’s the equivalent of making someone pay a £30 parking fine. It's an arse, but it probably won't stop anyone from parking on double yellow lines next time such a situation arises.

I can't see Aragones reconsidering his views, or the way in which he airs them as a result of this, and for that reason alone I am bitterly disappointed.

Racism has no place in today's society. It shouldn't have had a place in yesterday's society either, but it did and it is something that needs eradicating.

Only by making a stand against it will we ever hope to change people's views and misconceptions.

Only by making a stand will people in positions of authority learn that what they say matters, and that what they say should be acceptable in modern society.

Only by making a stand.

Shame the Spanish FA didn't make that stand.


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