Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Seven months

Following the developments of last week, and seeing as Chelski are in town tomorrow for our League Cup clash, it seems a good opportunity to return to the Adrian Mutu story. Mutu has received a seven month ban for failing a "random" drug test, and confessing to taking cocaine.

The fact that his employers deliberately singled him out for the test, and then sacked him following his failure of it speaks volumes for them. It shows that as an employer they wanted to set a strong example to the other players, and that they didn't give a toss about Adrian Mutu as a person. For them to pay a player thousands of pounds a week, and then to simply cut him adrift when he takes advantage of one of the many temptations undoubtedly available to him, says it all.

To then bleat about how the FA has not sufficiently reprimanded him is also ludicrous. Having previously banned Rio for 8 months for missing a test, they couldn't have given Mutu as severe a ban – otherwise the message that they send out to players would be: If you take drugs, miss the test – that way you will only get an 8 month ban. The FA had to make a stand, because it obviously can't be seen to promote recreational drugs, but must be seen to be even harder on performance enhancing drug cheats.

I believe that following the Rio fiasco, they have upped their minimum sentence for missing a drug test to 12 months, and that the minimum punishment for failing a test for recreational drugs is 6 months, and for performance enhancers is 2 years.

With this in mind, Mutu got what he deserved. He has been banned for 7 months, and the FA has made rehabilitation a key part of his suspension. For Chelsea to complain about this, shows just what a bunch of shits they really are. My only hope is that Mutu returns a better player for this, and at some point scores crucial goals against Chelsea (preferably in a black and white shirt).


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