Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Out of sympathy

How wonderful to learn that our beloved chairman, Fat Freddy Shepherd, has once again been throwing around his considerable weight, this time at the Soccerex international football business forum in Dubai.

Footballers continually make provocative comments only to hastily retract them claiming to have been misrepresented, but on this occasion there seems to be little possibility of Shepherd backtracking on what he said:

"I think it is dog-eat-dog. The big fight will be for the Premier League to take over the running of the other leagues. The others can't hold us back, the time will come, I think, when it is the Premier League running the whole show. Many of these other clubs will have to go part-time. When we have got 52,000 fans at each home game, the last thing we are worried about is clubs in the third division. There is no sympathy here."

What an absolute cunt. Is it any wonder that the club - and, by extension, us fans - has a reputation for arrogance?

Shepherd makes me sick.


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