Friday, August 27, 2004

Heroes or Villains?

Is anyone else struggling to grasp what is going on with Newcastle at the moment? For once, we've signed players who should be at their peak rather than with an eye on the future, and yet we still look like a side who would struggle to give a good Sunday League team a game? In fact, I think the king of bling might even struggle to get into some pub teams, let alone a central midfield birth for England after the way he performed on Wednesday night!

This weekend sees us travel to Villa, a happy hunting ground in recent years, but with sod-all form, and a worrying lack of harmony in the dressing room. I can only hope that we manage to scrape a win, and that confidence returns on the back of it.

Bobby may think we've been a bit hard done to, but from what I've seen we've had good spells of play but they're like oases in a desert of dross.

Whether signing a new central defender before Tuesday happens or not seems to be an ever more crucial moment in the fortunes of our season with each game that passes. Rooney would be nice (although given our recent strategy, I'm sure we'd immediately flog him to Madrid if they asked anyway), but a new central defender must be the focus of our transfer spending at the moment.

So come on Freddie, stop chasing the jug-eared brothel goer (which is seemingly pissing off our current strike force no-end, if reports of Bellamy and Ameobi's opinions are accurate) and sign at least one (or preferably two) proven centre-halves who can provide Shay with the protection he deserves before it's too late, and we're left to rue another season of missed opportunities.


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