Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Mcjob vacant

So long then, Terry Mac, with the club's "restructuring" in the wake of Keegan's departure unsurprisingly seeing the departure of his faithful friend, together with reserve team coach Adam Sadler.

Dubbed "black box" for his ability to survive the frequent managerial upheaval at the club (well that's the party line, for my money it sounds suspiciously like a joke about his pubic hair...), McDermott has now found himself surplus to requirements his departure was inevitable following on from Keegan's departure, with the Ashley / Wise quango doubtless keen to bring in their own (yes) men.

Having been there under the leadership of the good (Keegan), the bad (Souness) and the ugly (Fat Sam) McDermott will no doubt be greatly missed by all around the club (well, those not in control anyway), and his departure represents another indication that Ashley is keen to remove anyone with any links to the fans, or the past. With reports currently tipping a host of ex-Chelsea players with the managerial vacancy it seems clear that an understanding of the club is nowhere near the criteria for filling the managerial vacancy.

However, rather than return to his burger van at the horse races, I wouldn't be surprised to see Terry Mac appearing alongside Jeff Stelling on a Saturday afternoon before too long. He's got to be better than Matthew Le Tissier, for starters.


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