Sunday, September 07, 2008

Hit for six

Amidst all the Keegan-related kerfuffle, it may have gone unnoticed that ASBO had his latest wrist-slap on Friday, the FA handing him a six match ban for the training ground assault on Ousmane Dabo. Should he land himself in hot water again in the future - and let's face it, he will, being a serial offender - he'll be hit with a further six match ban.

The ban will mean the first game ASBO'll be eligible to appear in is the visit to the Stadium of Shite, where he's guaranteed a warm welcome. Of course, with his principal apologist having left the club, and those left none too enamoured with him, his future on Tyneside is far from assured. Perhaps even the enormous black cloud of the last week might have a tiny sliver of silver lining...


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