Thursday, August 21, 2008

Double trouble

A very creditable draw at Old Trafford to open our 2008/9 Premier League campaign, the buzz of potential "wow signings" arriving before the transfer window closes - and yet who's still dominating the news?

Yes, you guessed it.

On Friday it was reported that Jamie Tandy, the Man City trainee whose face ASBO accidentally on purpose mistook for an ashtray, is taking legal action, having suffered a "major psychiatric deterioration".

And now Jordan Spencer, the Liverpudlian teenager whose face ASBO accidentally on purpose mistook for a punchbag, has also announced he's suing for damages.

When the FA levelled its extremely belated charge against ASBO for the Ousmane Dabo incident, the club was unsurprisingly indignant, expressing disappointment at being penalised for an offence committed long before ASBO pitched up at St James's Park, and certainly it's bizarre that the Tandy claim is only now being made, four years after the event. But in these cases he's going to be out on his own, and he's brought it all on himself. Just as well we pay him so well, eh?

One question - what's more likely to happen? ASBO staying off the front pages, or Shola Ameobi finally leaving Tyneside?


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