Thursday, August 21, 2008

Distinctly un-wowed

According to reports emanating from the weekend, Mike Ashley mentioned to some corporate clients that we could expect a "wow-signing" before the transfer window closes.

The Chronicle is now suggesting that this won't be Javier Saviola, who is apparently staying at Real Madrid.

Now, am I the only one who has an uneasy feeling of deja vu? Is Mike Ashley in danger of morphing into Fat Fred, who memorably informed us that we'd be pleasantly surprised when Jonathan Woodgate was sold to Real Madrid, only for us to watch as we attempted to lure Wayne Rooney to St James' and he decided he'd rather go to Old Trafford, leaving Fat Fred with egg on his big fat face.

Let's hope this is merely a temporary aberration on Ashley's part, brought about by a little too much corporate hospitality, and not the start of a slippery slope. I don't know about you, but I'd be more wowed if we managed to add three quality players to give the squad some much needed depth rather than one blockbuster signing. We've been down that route too many times, and it inevitably gets us nowhere.


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