Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Come in number 15, your time is up

It's been confirmed that our on-loan striker Giuseppi Rossi will be recalled by his club Man Utd at the end of the month.

Not that the news will come as much of a surprise to anyone. Rossi hasn't had many opportunities to impress - just four starts and four substitute appearances, and only one goal (against Portsmouth in the League Cup) to his name.

Taggart has already voiced his displeasure at the situation, and he's been at it again: "Giuseppe will come back to us because he is just not getting enough football at Newcastle. The understanding we had with them was that he would play more games. Every manager is subject to their own opinions on players, so I don't want to say too much about that. But we could have done with him here, so he might as well come back to us."

As I've said before, Roeder and Shepherd surely wouldn't have pledged that Rossi would start a certain percentage of games - and in any case, he's been ineligible for the vast majority of the games in which he would have been most likely to feature (no fewer than 13 European matches). Rossi hasn't been poor when he's played, but neither has be been particularly impressive.

My guess is - as the comments above hint - that Taggart is most pissed off because he's not been able to call upon Rossi, having left himself desperately short of cover for Wayne Rooney and Louis Saha up front. Don't blame us for your own stupidity, Fergie.


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