Friday, July 07, 2006

He's not a striker

According to today's rumour mill, Fat Fred has been chatting to David Beckham about the possibility of his relocating the family to Newcastle.

Now, from Beckham's point of view I can see the attraction - £120k per week, it's nearer to London, he gets to link up with England buddy Michael Owen.

However, I can't see the logic behind the move. At 31 he's hardly a spring chicken, and as the World Cup seemed to show, his best football is probably now behind him. We've already got one of the most creative right wingers in the premiership (Nobby) and one of the most exciting prospects (Milner), so why do we need him?

Whilst undoubtedly a talented footballer, it just doesn't seem logical for us to spend all that money on another midfielder when clearly our biggest concern has got to be bolstering our strike force. To my mind, at least, this story has worrying similarities to the chairman's acquisition of Kluivert and Butt a couple of years ago, and look where that got us...


From today's Guardian Fiver email:

"So is the prospect of Beckham lining up for Newcastle a ridiculous one? Far from it. Signing another big name England has-been is exactly the kind of stunt that Fat Freddy would love to pull off, while the prospect of earning a ridiculously large salary for going through the motions is bound to prove appealing to Becks. And with Newcastle being the only Premiership club boasting fans gullible enough to turn out in their droves to drool over him, it follows that Newcastle is the only Premiership club he would countenance a move to".

Hmm. Gullibility - that old chestnut.

I doubt anyone could accuse us two of being gullible - plenty of healthy (and not-so-healthy) cynicism round these 'ere parts, particularly as far as Freddie Shepherd, publicity stunts and moneygrabbers are concerned (see above).

Might I go so far as to venture that gullibility is the failing of Mackems who believe that when Niall Quinn says he's going to return Sunderland to "where they belong", that means the Premiership rather than mid-table obscurity in the Championship?

Anyway, the Fiver's bile and scorn is indiscriminate, and very often hilarious for it, so I suppose the appropriate response would be to shrug one's shoulders and take it. But the urge to shout "FUCK OFF" remains...


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