Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Fat Pat released as Shay shares our pain

News today that one of our number has moved on to pastures new, and another has issued a slightly covert come and get me plea.

It will hardly come as surprise to hear that we've stopped paying Patrick Kluivert any money whatsoever, and based on performances it isn't before time. What's sad is that all the suggestions last summer, that he was only in it for the money, turned out to be true and a player who I personally used to rank as one of the best strikers on the planet turned out to be a lazy fat slob, who could rarely be arsed to break into a sweat on the pitch.

Speaking to the Guardian today, Shay Given has questioned the direction the club are going in, and expressed his frustration at our crap season. In light of the keeper problems at several higher finishing clubs, this is probably as close as our player of the season will ever come to issuing a come and get me plea. It's not like he wants out, but simply that he feels he deserves better.

We know how you feel Shay.


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