Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Dotted line

News coming out of the club is that Peter Ramage has signed a new deal and also (according to nufc.com) that Kieron Dyer is poised to put his mark on a new contract (presumably that's just a large X, rather than an attempt at joined up writing).

I think we'll all welcome Ramage committing himself to the club for a while yet; his emergence towards the end of the season was one of the few highlights following our defeat in Cardiff, and whilst it is yet to be seen whether he can really make the step up and continue to flourish as a player, at least he'll have the chance in a black and white shirt.

Dyer's signature appears to signal a statement of intent from the club, and backs up the comments of Souness and Shepherd at the time of the fight, that Dyer is now firmly back in the fold, and given his massively improved performance last season should be welcomed. It also stops him buggering off for nowt next summer, which would have been on the Chairman's mind if nothing else.

Provided Kieron continues to put in the level of effort which he showed once Souness arrived, and led to the rehabilitation of his reputation on Tyneside (one which was in the gutter following his refusal to play wide right against Boro last August) it must be a good think for the team, and on that basis should be welcomed.

However, if he doesn't we'll presumably have upped the wages of a player who needs another strong season to complete his own personal revival on Tyneside - further arsing about will not be tolerated.


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