Friday, April 15, 2005

Learning the lingo

In an effort to help anyone going to Cardiff this weekend, we present the Black & White & Read All Over handy phrasebook. With thanks to Lisa for the translation.

So this is what a national stadium should look like
Well dya beth yw stadium genedlaethol i fod i edrch yn teg i

Two pints please!
dau pint plis or dau pint of gwrw os gwelwch yn dda

Can I have a pie?
Alla'i gael pie

Where are the toilets?
Ble mae'r ty bach?

We are the Geordies
Geordie dy'ni

Toon, Toon, Black and White Army
Toon, toon byddun du a gwyn

Same old Shearer, always scoring.
Y'r un Shearer trwy'r amser yn scorio

The Referee is a wanker
Mae'r Referee yw wanker

Graham Poll is a fucking arsehole
Graham Poll ydy yn twll din

He's fat, he's scouse, he'll rob your fucking house.
Mae'n tew, mae dod o Lerpwl a mae'n dwyn eith pethau
(Literally: he's fat, from Liverpool and will steal your things)

That man looks like a horse
Mae'r dyn yna yn edrych fel cefyll

Fuck off Fergie
Cer i grafi Fergie

Sit down and shut up
Eisteddwch i lawr a gae dy twll

We hate Cockneys
Rynyn ni'n casau y Cockneys

Don't worry about getting your pronunciation a bit wrong, the important thing is to have a go.

Any requests for translations should be left in the comments box, and we'll see what we can do.


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